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The new smash bros is lookin great


The new smash bros is lookin great

Hey so this is a pretty cool new tumblr. A friend of mine had brought it to my attention and I think the whole idea sounds fantastic!

Basically, a Nintendo character is highlighted for 2 weeks at a time and the objective is to send in fan art of that character during the time period. No contest or anything, just a gallery showcasing enthusiastic Nintendo fans.

It’s a simple premise but it sounds like a great way to get Nintendo-creative once in a while. That’s something I can always give the seal of approval for.

The current character is Paint Roller from the Kirby series which is an appropriate way to get a blog like that off to a rolling start. I was little late in posting this because the period to send in stuff ends on the 15th, so if you’re thinking of honoring Paint Roller you better start now!



My Last minute character predictions for Smash Direct
  • Takamaru
  • Isaac
  • Wonder Red
  • Mike Jones
  • Doshin the Giant
  • Alex Roivas
  • John “Geist” Raimi
  • Geolyte
  • Alice the Balloon Kid
  • The President of Hocotate Freight
  • Sonny from Mario Golf 64
  • The Odama Ball
  • The puddle of water from Fluidity
  • Sakurai
  • A Virtual Boy that has gained sentience
  • Captain Falcon

Hey! I’m about to synch up some Game Center CX.

This week, Arino continues his battle with Mega Man 4 by tackling on the Wily Stages.

deedeedeebee replied to your post

oh. it.. could possibly be related to his voice actor dying :( i think in recently released material they reused old dialogue……

jibbahjabbahwock replied to your post

Sadly, the truth is probably that they’ve dropped his character entirely after his Japanese voice-actor died. Same reason why he didn’t appear much in the anime, and only with old recordings.

vickybit replied to your post

he’s dead, jim

Aw geez…

I mean I knew about that but I didn’t think they’d actually get rid of him for good cause of that. But it makes sense. I guess I figured he was too much of an omnipresent Persona character to go away forever. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough though…

I’m very concerned about the lack of Igor in Persona Q so far

I can only assume it’s for plot related reasons

Igor goes missing and the only way to rescue him is for Persona 3 and Persona 4 to combine forces and find him before Persona 5 comes out!


LET’S TRY!!!!!!!


LET’S TRY!!!!!!!