are you ever going to start new things here or are you just going to keep recycling whoever-stuck and writing dave really badly?

I’ve been trying to draw stuff lately if thats what you mean.

That is if the question is “Are all you gonna do is just photoshop MSPA panels over and over into forever?”

I mean that part is still fun for me, so I guess really I’d like to get a better balance of edited stuff and drawn stuff.

And also sorry about Dave. I’ll try to make him sound more Dave-y next time I do a thing with him.

  1. atomicarchangel said: your dave is the best dave ive ever read
  2. zanreosauce said: you know what, do whatever the hell you want. Don’t apologise to this douche (also your dave is good)
  3. dsamoothie said: Hey guys! I guess no one is allowed to have fun on the internet after all. Who knew?
  4. anxietyofninfluence said: dave coulier?
  5. kissmyasuka said: wow don’t apologize to that asshole. Anon is not the boss of you, you’re just a dude on the internet having fun, your job isn’t to SERVE or somehow entertain you followers, keep doin what yer doin
  6. reversecentaur said: you’re doing such a good job, really. don’t apologise for this doof. they obviously see dave differently to you and you know, more power to them. but your dave is no less davey. okay?
  7. mulus3lus said: WAT. dont change dave. I dont even care if its accurate to his character. Its hilarious the way you do it.
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