Fox: Can anyone recommend a game with a good sense of speed
Fox: I'm getting real fed up with Wasteland
WarioFan63: F-Zero
golem: f-zero x
WarioFan63: F-Zero GX
golem: f-zero ax
WarioFan63: F-Zero Climax
golem: f-zero goes to summer camp
WarioFan63: F-Zero and the Curious Village
golem: What's New on Neverwinter Nights® 2: Complete, Strike Suit Zero, and 10 new Mac Games
Shouty: Is this a virus website, golem?
WarioFan63: No is legit
SoupEgg: Games on Gemand
SoupEgg: was taken
Puddle chat
golem: pegi rates puddle 3+
golem: esrb rates puddle t
WarioFan63: what did Puddle do to get a T
golem: it has a guy peeing?
WarioFan63: oh
golem: also there's the infamous scene where the puddle of water screams fuck for three minutes and twenty seconds

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did you beat the greenwood challenge with your tongue

Yeah turns out that’s how you’re supposed to hold the N64 controller

Left hand on left prong

Right hand on right prong

Tongue on the control stick

anxietyofninfluence replied to your post: are you ever going to start new things here or are you just going to keep recycling whoever-stuck and writing dave really badly?

dave coulier?

Golem don’t be crazy, my Full House fanfiction is flawless.

Seriously, when you’re reading it, it’s like you’re reading a lost script or something. Thats how good it is.

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You mean you’re not a fan of the Ogacihc Sbucs??

golem: dix
WarioFan: totes
golem: yes
golem: penis tote bags
WarioFan: golem we've done it again

anxietyofninfluence replied to your chat: WarioFan: Oh no WarioFan: Man vs Wild was…

man vs. cash cab

Is this about one man’s guide to surviving inside of a taxi cab

or one man’s attempt to EAT A CAB?

Golem just beat DSiWare game Ace Mathician
golem: 100%
golem: now to get my diploma
WarioFan: is this another one for the golem world records
WarioFan: fastest time youve beaten a dsiware
golem: the only time i've beaten a dsiware so far
golem: i've been working on flipnote but i don't know how to get past the second boss
Having funtimes with golem

Having funtimes with golem