Sollux is so not prepared to hang out with Sollux.

Great comic done by WarioFan63! Be sure to check out more of his work!

Sollux is really being a pain in the butt to Sollux and Sollux doesnt even care

Great job as always friend pacman!


I think it looks good on him.

Homestuck - Andrew Hussie
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Equius - (Myself)
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Music - Headquarters - Skies of Arcadia


[???Stuck 2]

You guys asked for it? Well I deliver!

Special thanks to ThatOrangeAlien for voicing Bro and Eridan!


[Sollux’s Confession]

It was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

Beautiful comic done by MadamMonkey!

Special thanks to thelof9 for voicing Aradia!


[Cool Bath]

Their parents must’ve been in a rush to hire DAVE as their baby-sitter…

Fantastic comic done by Pancakestein! Be sure to check her stuff out!

Special thanks to K-Chan for voicing Jade! Check out her Youtube or Tumblr for more of her lovely voicing and singing!



A beautiful representation of the Homestuck characters we all love.

This is a 1,000 subscriber special! Seems like we got there, guys! Thanks a ton to everyone who is subscribed! I really appreciate it and hopefully I reach another milestone! I promise I’ll keep it up with the videos for you guys!

Special thanks to ThatOrangeAlien for voicing Dirk and Eridan!

Oh gosh, I wasnt ready for the John/Karkat parts

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Comic by wariofan63, click any of the images to go to the original post!

Voices all done by me.

Ok, so I was going to make this in video format, but then I decided I was not happy with how many puffs from my breathing the recording picked up, so I just put it here. I need to make one of those breath barriers, which I hear can be made easily with pantyhose and metal hangers, so that is on my to-make list! HOORAY!

Beclaws these always put a litter smile on my face

I am running out of cat puns

Thanks for letting me know!


What a great Dad.

Dirk was voiced by ZeroGDragon!

Great comic done by WarioFan63!

Dirk just can’t appreciate his generosity

I love the extra bits in the beginning! 


I wish Dave was my teacher.

Art was done by the amazing WarioFan63! Go check his other stuff out!

I am so glad that future generations of babies will be raised on this show.

Thanks for doing this man and thanks for letting me know also!