Dave is an excellent host. And handmaid. And everyone else, for that matter.

Davemaid, Dave Scratch, Dave Hussie - BlinkyXX

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Characters belong to Andrew Hussie

Holy crap I love it

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[???Stuck 2]

You guys asked for it? Well I deliver!

Special thanks to ThatOrangeAlien for voicing Bro and Eridan!


[Sollux’s Confession]

It was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

Beautiful comic done by MadamMonkey!

Special thanks to thelof9 for voicing Aradia!


[Cool Bath]

Their parents must’ve been in a rush to hire DAVE as their baby-sitter…

Fantastic comic done by Pancakestein! Be sure to check her stuff out!

Special thanks to K-Chan for voicing Jade! Check out her Youtube or Tumblr for more of her lovely voicing and singing!


My favorite AU

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Never did I think anything I made would get Octo’d

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