Man Karkat is gonna have a rough time getting those Kool Aid stains out :(

A traumatizing family moment

A traumatizing family moment

Homestuck Repeating Heads Wallpaper Set #3!

Jade, Vriska, Terezi, Aradia, and Feferi were made possible with help from princessgamzee, who worked to restore the hair normally hidden behind their shirts!

As always, make sure you’re telling your computer or your blog or what have you to tile these when you set them, otherwise the entire magic is lost.

Set #1 #2

I’ve been wondering what ghost edits of the Beta Kid sprites would look like

Ghost John’s already been seen in the comic so let’s skip ahead to Jade


Wow! Spooky!

Ok now let’s see Ghost Rose


Oh lord that’s off-putting

Now let’s see a ghost edit of Dave


god dammit dave

Homestuck minus Jade

John! Jade! You’re upsetting your guests!


What if the trolls suddenly lived on earth for whatever reason and had to get jobs so they all just got jobs at an amusement/water park?

Shubba has such good what if scenarios


[Cool Bath]

Their parents must’ve been in a rush to hire DAVE as their baby-sitter…

Fantastic comic done by Pancakestein! Be sure to check her stuff out!

Special thanks to K-Chan for voicing Jade! Check out her Youtube or Tumblr for more of her lovely voicing and singing!


wariofan got some more symbols for yall. kids this time!

high res: (1), (2)

high res: (1), (2)

high res: (1), (2)

high res: (1), (2)

Those fruity assholes in places they don’t belong

The fruits have taken over…..