I had 21 coal in the Steam thing

I figured there was no chance of me winning every Steam game so I took a risk and crafted them

First thing I get is a 50% off Valve coupon

Second thing I get is a 33% off Valve coupon

Third thing I get is a 25% off Valve coupon

Maybe this is some kind of Gift of the Magi Thing

"I got you these coupons for Valve games!"

"Oh no, I already own all the Valve games!"

"I sold my hair to get these for you!"

And then Christmas was over

Steam gifts being put to good use
golem: oh cool, 50% off valve
golem: i know what developer i'm purchasing this year
WarioFan: Itll be in good hands
golem: it'll be in
golem: hands
Glados takes over the Tardis
God Tier Gabe Newell

Strife specibus is crowbarkind. Powers include ability to portal anywhere, summoning any hat to wear at any point in time, and making anything half off.

Got a problem with Steam?

The Truth Behind Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Everything is related to Homestuck. Everything.