Each month, some friends and I get together to play a game. We’ll talk about it with each other, and we enjoy each other’s observations and critiques. This month (February 2014), we’ve chosen to play Counterfeit Monkey, a kinda crazy text game. Here’s the description from its site:

Anglophone Atlantis has been an independent nation since an April day in 1822, when a well-aimed shot from their depluralizing cannon reduced the British colonizing fleet to one ship.

Since then, Atlantis has been the world’s greatest center for linguistic manipulation, designing letter inserters, word synthesizers, the diminutive affixer, and a host of other tools for converting one thing to another. Inventors worldwide pay heavily for that technology, which is where a smuggler and industrial espionage agent such as yourself can really clean up.

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Orthography has taken a serious interest in your activities lately. Your face has been recorded and your cover is blown.

Your remaining assets: about eight more hours of a national holiday that’s spreading the police thin; the most inconvenient damn disguise you’ve ever worn in your life; and one full-alphabet letter remover.

Good luck getting off the island.

If this sounds nifty, please join! We’re always looking for new blood. There’s also a Skype group for The Commune (we text chat), so Skype helps too (not required!).

We also record a podcast a couple times a month, so there’s that, too!

I am a part of this group of rad people and we could always use more rad people to play rad video games with us and then talk about the video games we play in a rad podcast. Generally we play under-the-radar type retro games but this month we’re focusing on a freeware text adventure. Please join if you feel like expanding your gaming experience!

Falxix: So what's the haps?
WarioFan63: Theres a Playstation 4
WarioFan63: its coming this holiday
Falxix: That's cool
WarioFan63: there is no price
Falxix: It's free
Falxix: That's even better

When I was a kid I used to think “King of the Hill” multiplayer modes in video games were based on the tv show in some way

"I dont understand why are we shooting each other?"

"Which episode is this based on?"

"Are we supposed to be finding propane?"

How does Evolution by Trade make sense within the Pokemon universe though?

I did Beedle’s Gratitude Quest and he offered me half off of anything in his store

I had already bought everything in his store

Why do you hate me so much Beedle

Also why are you still pedaling around an empty store, come on man

Nobody is going to buy “Out of Stock” signs from you

Nintendo employees seem to enjoy staring at fruit lately

Perhaps it’s more than just for fun

Perhaps there’s more to consider here

Folks I think we can summarize something from this

Nintendo is planning to launch an innovative new line of food infused with video games

Play the new Kirby game on a tomato

Get your friends together for the new Smash Bros. using grapes as controllers

Try out the new extra-hard Super Mario Galaxy: Lost Levels coming soon to a pineapple near you


Okay, kids, let’s get this show on a boat.

I posted about this the other day, and folks liked the idea. In case you missed the post, here’s the lowdown:

Each month, we’d choose a game everyone could play (if need be, some of us could obtain it by unsavory means). We’d play the game, we’d talk about it, and ideally, we’d make some interesting observations or start some interesting discussions/arguments.

I’ve gone ahead and created a forum for the book club. It’s called The Commune. For November 2012, we’ll be playingSoul Blazer, but we haven’t decided what to do in December yet.

If you post, you can help us decide what game to play in December. You can nominate a new game or vote on a current suggestion.

Soul Blazer is short and easygoing for the most part. In addition, it has neat ideas (both for gameplay and story), and it’s a game plenty of people haven’t played. It makes a perfect introduction to The Commune.

If you’ve only heard about Soul Blazer, you’re welcome to post; if you’ve only beaten the first level, you’re welcome to post; and if you’ve beaten the game, you’re welcome to post.

Hey this is a super cool thing that golem is starting up and I’m super excited to be doing.

If you have any interest in trying out older games you may have missed out on and the idea of playing alongside others tickles your fancy, then you should totally sign up!

Soul Blazer is also a really fantastic game too, more people ought to give it a whirl


This looks like a really awesome idea

Plus you get a bunch of games for hitting that first reward tier. Sweet deal!

I’m a little confused about the concept of time in Advance Wars DS

"Sir, the missile will be hitting our location in approximately 30 minutes!"

*mission lasts three in-game days*

"Yay! We have plenty of time to hack into and deflect the missile!"