All right, Im gonna get all crazy Nintendo guy here for a bit

In Brain Age 2, in-between the plethora of brain boosting mini-games, you could unlock a little thing called Virus Buster.

This was cool because…well just look at it!

Yeah I know! It’s friggin Dr. Mario! There was even soothing remixes of the songs! 

Later Nintendo would stick Virus Buster as a companion game in Dr. Mario for WiiWare

Woah wait hold it, I’m derailing. 

Anyway, as it turns out Virus Buster will be making an encore on the new Brain Age coming out for 3DS!

Wait, that’s not even everything!

Nintendo decided to pull another one of their classic puzzle games out from the history books and stick it in this one as another bonus game.

And no, it’s not Dr. Mario’s sometimes puzzle-pal, Puzzle League!

It’s Wario’s Woods!

Well, I dunno what you’re supposed to call it without Wario or his Woods, since this is like the first time the game’s been remade since it came out but HOLY CRAP WARIOS WOODS CAME BACK IN A BRAIN AGE

Its these kind of surprises that make me love Nintendo